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Accept Your Challenge. Answer Your Call. Build Your Character.

Mary Kurtz

  • M.F.A Creative Writing, '22
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Nicole Boyer

  • M.Ed. Elementary, '20
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Monica Coughlin

  • B.S. Business Administration & B.S. Computer Science, '94
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Monica Coughlin photo

Julio Villafañe

  • M.S. Data Science, '22
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Hilda Dalfonso

  • B.S. HCA & MBA, '17
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Hunter Allen

  • M.S. Biomedical Sciences, '16
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Jason A. Greager

  • B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics, '94
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Jayne Keller

  • M.S. Health Services Administration, '05
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Jessica Menjivar

  • B.S. Business Administration, '19
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Mike Casullo

  • B.S. Computer Science, '99
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Phillip Coffman

  • M.S. Info & Cyber Security, '22
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Ruben Martinez

  • MBA, '10
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Ryan Boh

  • M.S. Marketing, '19
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Talisa Puentes-Ortega

  • B.S. Biology & M.S. Environmental Biology, '16
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Cultivate Community

Your character — literally everything you are — is always changing. Character is something built over time, through new experiences, new learning and new relationships. And together with more than 80,000 Regis alumni doing that work alongside you, you will discover your community: a team that supports each through hard work, grit and grace in a supportive environment. Discover the place where you can build your character — mind, body and soul.


Building your character is a long, winding road — where will it take you? What inspired you to travel the road you’re on? No matter where you are or when you start, the Regis community has the tools and resources you need to achieve your highest potential.

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You have already dug deep, and discovered what you most want to contribute to the world. Now, dive into our programs, and discover how our competitive curriculum, intimate classes, expert mentors and strong Jesuit Catholic values can light the pathway to your success.

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Empower Your Soul

An education fueled by Jesuit Catholic ideals gives you opportunities to build both practical skills and practice inward reflection, evolving your spirit as well as your mind. At Regis, we pride ourselves on a community where we build each other up into men and women for and with others. With more than 63,000 hours of volunteer service each year, Rangers are students who look at the world beyond our campus and beyond themselves. To us, the quest to build character becomes the lasting work of helping others. That’s evident in the 92% of alumni who said their Regis education prepared them to consider issues of social justice.

Conversation at a table

Expand Your Mind

Your mind is home to everything you have — and will — become. When you dedicate yourself to broadening your perspective and seeking knowledge through education, you become capable of changing the world around you. At Regis, our philosophy of cura personalis — that is, educating the whole person — takes that idea to heart. With small class sizes, you can analyze every idea you learn so you emerge after graduation as a true master. And with dedicated faculty who are working experts in their fields of study, you'll learn from those who blazed the trail ahead of you.

Amplify Your Career

At Regis, our mission is to create a better world through education. Our path to achieving that goal is helping driven students like you succeed, by providing the tools necessary to position yourself for even greater professional achievements. Across our programs, 92% of alumni say that Regis prepared them for their life after graduation, whether they chose to continue their studies or enter the workforce. Meanwhile, 88% of Regis alumni are successfully employed in their field of study after graduation. For you, that means an investment in your future that pays off. It means an ability to truly realize what you’re capable of.

It means no limits — you get to keep going and growing.
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