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A University That Meets You Where You Are

A University That Meets You Where You Are

You’re under construction. Maybe you’ve decided to make a change to a career path that’s more fulfilling. Maybe you’ve decided that now is the time when you get serious about investing in yourself, return to school and earn the degree you need to earn more. Either way, you’ve been drawing up plans for how you want your professional life to go and who you want to be. Now, you just need to fix your cornerstone, that first piece of your plans, in place: your skills. Let Regis University be that cornerstone that you build your future on. No matter how you arrived back in the classroom, we’re dedicated to being your partner in education and professional success, with flexible online options that help you work and learn, and small class sizes that ensure a personalized learning experience with direct connection to your faculty mentors.

Unity of Mind and Heart: This is a key Jesuit Catholic value that recognizes that the heart and mind are undivided, and that they work together best when the whole person is engaged. For you, this means pursuing a career that grants you personal fulfillment while challenging you intellectually, building toward a position that makes you not only excited to start the day, but anticipating it the day before. With opportunities for experiential learning, service opportunities and flexible schedules, we are dedicated to helping you unite your heart and mind in a way that prepares you to immediately apply your knowledge after graduation, and always look forward to the day ahead.

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Career Readiness Exemplified

At Regis University, we prove the quality of our education not just in the classroom, but in our outcomes. In addition to national recognition across our 120+ degree programs, we are proud of the successes that our graduates report:

  • 88%: Regis University alumni who are either employed or continuing their education*
  • 75%: Regis University alumni working in an occupation related to their major*
  • 92%: Regis University alumni who reported that their Regis education was effective in preparing them to make their post-graduate decisions*

*Regis First Destination Survey, 2020-21

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The Outcome You Want, the Experience You Need

We help students like you achieve great outcomes by providing experiences to learn — and serve. Across our programs, we offer project-based service-learning opportunities like the Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, where counseling students get on-the-job experience and immediate mentor feedback as they provide therapy to low-income members of the Denver community. Meanwhile, the Anderson College of Business and Computing regularly hosts an innovation competition, where students focus on bolstering their entrepreneurial skills while pitching real business ideas that can help solve society’s biggest and emerging concerns. Opportunities like these, to learn while being men and women in service of others, exist for you no matter which programs you enroll in. And with local and national partnerships, you will not only find placement in an experience that will help you build your resume, you will emerge with skills you can apply immediately to your current and future roles.

Let’s Begin Building Together

Get in touch with a Regis admissions counselor today. We can't wait to team up and help build your success!

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