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A University That Meets You Where You Are

A University That Meets You Where You Are

You’ve got a fire inside, driving you to succeed. You have a vision for what life can be, and you may have already taken steps to achieve it by earning a certificate, gaining professional experience or pursuing coursework at another school. But whether you’re continuing your journey toward a degree, picking your studies back up after some time away or just beginning the process of building your future, you can do it with the community of faculty and peers you’ll cultivate at Regis University.

As a Jesuit Catholic university, we believe in preparing people at any stage of their lives to positively impact our shared society. Whether you’re a working professional returning to school to finish your adult undergraduate degree or a transfer student looking to continue your college experience — and anything in between — Regis is the modern, Jesuit Catholic institution that cares for you as a whole person.

Here, you'll seize opportunities to strengthen yourself as a leader, deepen your passion for learning and build yourself into someone who pursues a life in service of others.

A Change for the Best

A Change for the Best

If you're already pursing a degree, Regis University helps you pick up right where you left off so you can earn your degree on your timeline, free of unnecessary obstacles to hold you back. Take advantage of our generous transfer policy which allows you to transfer up to 90 credits of previous coursework, learn online or on campus, and apply for scholarships made specifically available to transfer students.

An Education That Lasts

An Education That Lasts

Once you earn your degree, the journey doesn’t stop. If anything, your time with Regis will stick with you forever. You’ll remain connected with our network of more than 80,000 alumni who not only help each other as reliable professional contacts and support each other as friends. Alumni pay their lasting connection forward, meeting with current students to offer their perspectives and advice. A Regis education will help you move forward and elevate your post graduate life in tangible ways:

  • Our bachelor’s graduates earn over $61,000, 12% more than the national average1
  • 88%: Regis University alumni who are either employed or continuing their education2
  • 88%: Regis University alumni working in an occupation related to their major1
  • 92%: Regis University alumni consider themselves prepared to consider issues of social justice1

1Regis First Destination Alumni Survey, 2018-19

Let’s Begin Building Together

Get in touch with a Regis admissions counselor today. We can't wait to team up and help build your success!

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