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An Education That Keeps You Prepared

An Education That Keeps You Prepared

You’re accomplished. You’ve earned your degree, spent time in the world, created your own worldview and built your success. But now it’s time to level up. You may be looking to elevate your expertise, line yourself up for a promotion by improving your theoretical knowledge or pivot to a new career by earning a credential that will help strengthen and prove your skills. No matter your motivation, your decision to return to school is right on the money — literally. Jobs requiring a master’s degree are projected to grow more than 17% by 2026, more than twice the growth rate for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When you choose to prepare for that growing demand with a Regis University graduate program, you partner with a Jesuit Catholic institution that will prepare you with the knowledge and skills you'll need for the next step in your life.

One of our core values as a Jesuit Catholic university is magis — Latin for “more” — which is a value of striving for excellence. As you work toward excellence in your own life, Regis will provide educational and experiential resources that will do more than show you’re capable for the next step of your career. You will have earned a degree that proves your power to build the life you imagine.

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Excellence in Action

As you work to build your own success, you deserve an academic partner that’s right there with you. Regis works to provide graduate programs with intellectual rigor that’s true to the Jesuit Catholic tradition, and we’re proud to be honored for our success in readying graduates for their careers. Our accolades include:

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A Degree That's Within Reach

Affordability is one of your top concerns when you begin researching how to earn your graduate degree. At Regis University, graduate students can take advantage of scholarships and grants, receive preferred tuition rates and even tuition discounts, depending on their course of study. We understand not only the growing demand for master’s-level qualifications, but also the benefits. That's why we're dedicated to making sure an excellent graduate-level education is always within reach.

Let’s Begin Building Together

Get in touch with a Regis admissions counselor today. We can't wait to team up and help build your success!

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