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Choosing criminology isn’t just about catching the bad guys. When you build your skills in the field, you’re committing to growing your understanding of the complex motivations and mindsets that foster criminal behavior. With professors who have spent decades in the field and opportunities for direct, hands-on learning experiences, you will enter law enforcement with confidence backed up by the insights of a solid network, research-backed knowledge and your own proven track record.

    Why Choose Criminology?

    Choosing a degree in criminology is a choice to create a career around understanding human behavior. By earning a degree from Regis helps you uncover the factors motivating crime and criminal motivations, you'll build a contemporary understanding of criminal behavior that will help you thrive in criminal justice, social services, public policy, military applications, private security and more. At the undergraduate level, our criminology program fosters a wide-ranging knowledge of criminal justice, offering public policy and social science professionals the foundational knowledge and skills they need to not only solve but prevent crime in their communities. Meanwhile, at the graduate level, studies take an advanced focus, channeling students’ knowledge and capabilities in one of three specializations: leadership, human behavior or cybercrime and terrorism. Whether your goal is to defend our nation from terrorism, fight crime in the digital world, work in private security, provide victim services or even protect our national parks, you will be able to hone your abilities through our flexible criminology programs.

    How Will You Build Your Story?

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    Here’s what helps elevate Regis’ criminology graduates succeed in their careers:

    • Graduates can complete their criminology degree in as little as 12 months
    • Students can pursue up to two specializations, broadening their practical skills and knowledge across the spectrum of law enforcement careers
    • Graduates can specialize their degree in one of three top criminology career tracks: leadership, human behavior or cybercrime/terrorism
    • Students learn hands-on through field work in police departments, victim assistance agencies, coroner’s offices, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and more

    Learn So You Can Protect and Serve

    When choosing criminology, you’re dedicating yourself to the sense of justice that lives within you, that calls you to protect others, that creates healing and builds trust in the world. By acquiring such skills at Regis, you start creating a better future for both yourself and your community.

    • Learn from faculty with decades of criminology experience, including professors who have real-world, practicable insights that you can apply during your first day on the job.
    • Gain the skills you need to join other successful Regis graduates serving their communities in human and social services, public policy, the military, security, law enforcement, federal agencies and more.


    Faculty Spotlight

    Don Lindley

    Don Lindley, associate professor of Criminology, has spent 35 years in law enforcement, and more than 40 years teaching at the college level. Prior to Regis University, he was a college instructor at Metropolitan State University’s Criminal Justice and Sociology department, provided special education at the high school level, and served in media relations as a naval officer between 1966 and 2001. He believes that the biggest differentiator between Regis University’s criminology program and other institutions’ is that, “criminology courses at Regis University are taught by faculty who have done the job…in the local, state and federal levels of the criminal justice system. Faculty teach what they have experienced in the field, and not what they have read in a textbook.”

    Build Your Online Experience

    Regis is the only modern, Jesuit Catholic university in the Rocky Mountain region, but Rangers can live and learn anywhere. Designed for adult and working professionals, most online classes follow accelerated five or eight-week schedules. Programs also start up to six times per year, meaning you can bpursue your education on your own schedule.

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