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People who devote their lives to a career in education — people like you — are caring, selfless professionals who see a spark in others. One of ingenuity and imagination. The presence of a mind hungry to know the world. And when you choose to commit yourself to feeding those minds, you choose a career of service, both to your students and to their communities, ranging from the city to the suburbs, to rural and underserved districts who need experts with your dedicated compassion. At Regis University, you can continue expanding your understanding of what it means to be an educator, as you develop your own personal teaching philosophy informed by a commitment to justice and equity in educational opportunities. Whether you want to strengthen your skills in the classroom or step confidently into leadership for your school or district, we’ll help you get there through an educational experience steeped in the intellectual rigor of the Jesuit Catholic tradition.

    Why Go Back to Class with Regis?

    When you see that spark of potential in your students, you want to be able to give them the best classroom experience possible. Beyond that, you also know that as an educator, you will be a mentor and source of support for youth that may not have someone like you anywhere else in their lives. Choosing to develop your philosophy and skills as an educator at Regis will not only give you the ability to succeed in these responsibilities, but to do so in a way that creates equity, inclusion and justice for all students, no matter their background. And, with 100+ school partners in the Denver metro area for student teacher placement, you'll be able to put these new skills to work in real classroom settings and emerge ready to apply your new competencies immediately.

    How Will You Build Your Story?

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    What Sets a Regis Educator Apart?

    As an educator, you have an edge when you decide to continue developing your skills with a degree from Regis University:

    • Regis University has been recognized for excellence in higher education, receiving a place as one of the nation's 2022-2023 Education Colleges of Distinction
    • 40% of graduates hold a leadership position in their school or districts1
    • Education graduates pursuing leadership positions in K-12 settings can earn more than $95,0002
    • 99.2% of Regis’ education graduates pass the Praxis teacher certification exam3

    1, 3Regis Graduate Outcomes Reports1,3

    2U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

    Make Your Move — From Anywhere

    • As you progress through your studies in Regis University’s education program, you will actively engage in collaborative, reflective and challenging learning experiences that develop your capabilities as a committed, caring, and qualified educator.
    • You’ll learn how to lead classrooms, teach in diverse multicultural settings, and graduate prepared to lift up any student with a hunger to learn.
    • Learn how to teach and lead in diverse school communities, with opportunities to work with multicultural students through specializations such as Teaching the Linguistically Diverse.
    • Learn how to lead a classroom — even in a nontraditional, post pandemic setting — at any grade level, including effective classroom setups, how and why to set routines for your students and more with courses like The Effective Classroom.
    • Learn, both in-person and online, from a faculty recognized for excellence in higher education, in a program ranked as one of the nation's 2022-2023 Education Colleges of Distinction.

    Faculty Spotlight

    Dr. Jenny Nordman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

    Dr. Jenny Nordman, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Reading and Literacy, and serves as the coordinator of the Master of Education in Reading program. Areas of professional expertise include reading assessment and intervention, cognitive skills associated with reading success, evidence-based best practices, and literacy coaching.. She has worked in higher education for more than a decade, and has experience in elementary classroom teaching, literacy instructional coaching and district-level professional development. Dr. Nordman presents and publishes frequently on topics related to literacy, and she cares deeply about equipping educators with instructional strategies to meet the needs of students who struggle with reading.

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