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Masters of Arts

Curiosity begets creation, and when you seek a greater understanding of the ideas that shape our world, you expand your ability to make lasting contributions to your community. With a Master of Arts from Regis University, you can facilitate healing through applied psychology, master the techniques you need to tell your story through creative writing, become the voice of your organization by delving into communications and more. When you graduate, you will emerge with hands-on experience and skills you can immediately apply to launch — or advance — your career.

    Why Earn Your Master of Arts Degree at Regis University?

    Regis University’s Master of Arts program offers experiences that inspire graduates to create positive change in their communities while preparing them to advance their careers. When you choose to pursue a Master of Arts, you open yourself to in-depth explorations of your passions through one of six different specializations. Through intimate class sizes, direct connection with dedicated mentors and hands-on learning experiences, you’ll discover new ways to achieve creative expression, environmental practices, spiritual life and more.

    Most importantly, you’ll join alumni who have entered the workforce as counselors, consultants and advocates, authors, non-profit leaders and civil servants — informed professionals who live out the Jesuit Catholic tradition of creating successful lives and careers in service of others.

    How Will You Build Your Story?

    Explore our Master of Arts program to find out.


    In your quest to grow your mastery of effective and artful communication, the human mind, the environment and more, Regis’ Master of Arts program provides you with the insight, skill and recognition to elevate you to the professional heights you know you can achieve. Here are a few of the credentials that help set graduates from our Master of Arts program apart:

    • Regis students can transfer up to 81 credits of coursework, helping them complete their degree in applied psychology and getting to work in their field faster
    • Regis communications students position themselves for expanding opportunities, with 46,200 communications job expected by 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • Regis provides one of only two Jesuit, low-residency M.F.A. programs in the United States, offering a rare creative experience grounded in the foundations of intellectual rigor inherent to Jesuit educational tradition

    Become a true master

    Earning a Master of Arts degree from Regis University means choosing a path of creativity, emotional awareness, environmental stewardship and the ability to build bridges in your community through clear, resonant communication. As you pursue your passions and become an expert in your chosen specialty, Regis will support your growth with faculty who not only practice what they teach, but offer you unique experiences through fieldwork, on-the-job training and service learning. You will not only become a true master in your field, but a professional in service of your community. Explore our Master of Arts specializations, and let Regis walk with you as you create your future:

    • Applied Psychology
    • Communication
    • Creative Writing
    • Environmental Studies
    • Literature
    • Religious Studies

    Design Your Own Unique Course of Study

    Faculty Spotlight


    Dr. Roberta Mancuso holds her Doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan (1999), a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Southern Methodist University (1994), and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Ecology with an emphasis in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine (1991). She has also completed postdoctoral research programs in Health Psychology and Psychoneuroimmunology at UCLA.

    Dr. Mancuso’s areas of expertise are Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Psychophysiology of Emotion, Health Behavior Change, Stress and Pregnancy, and Ethnic Disparities in Birth Outcomes. She has studied the effects of emotions like anger, shame and guilt on the immune system. She has also studied health behavior change and psychosocial factors influencing cybersecurity.

    Most recently, she is working on a project that explores the psychoneuroimmmunological impact of affective disorders in pregnancy, and she is continuing her research in cybersecurity. With regard to her work on pregnancy and birth outcomes, one of her published papers suggests that levels of corticotrophin-releasing hormone, a substance that sets the stress response in motion, may help to explain why women who are more anxious about their pregnancies tend to deliver their babies earlier compared to women who are less anxious about their pregnancies.

    Build Your Online Experience

    Regis is the only modern, Jesuit university in the Rocky Mountain region, but Rangers can live and learn anywhere. Designed for adult and working professionals, most online learning offerings follow five or eight-week schedules. Programs also start up to six times per year, meaning you can begin to build your program on your own schedule.

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