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Hilda Dalfonso

On being inspired by complexity

"When I worked with Quest Diagnostics in Mexico, I was exposed to the business in America, and learned that health care as a business in the United States was so much more complex. It excited me, and I was fascinated by the possibilities of working more deeply in the field. Several years into my professional experience, after completing my B.S. in Health Care Administration at Regis in 2009, I was still excited by the complexities of the industry's business side, and decided it was time to return to Regis for a graduate degree."

Hilda Dalfonso's relationship with health care began when she was a child. She grew interested in the field when she was young, watching her mother become her grandmother's caretaker. Her interest continued to grow and became a career at Quest Diagnostics in Mexico, where she eventually gained exposure to America's health systems. Soon, Hilda's story evolved from having a career built on her lifelong passion for health care and into an account of someone inspired by the possibilities in, and business of, healing. She returned to Regis to earn her MBA and gain new skills that would open up the world of business.

Hilda Dalfonso

Communication as a key to leadership

"I pursued an MBA, and the experience at Regis advanced my abilities with instrumental lessons in leadership and developing relationships. In becoming a leader, I learned the power of communication with classes that, at the time, required a paper and a presentation. I came to understand that communication was about both what I was thinking while I was speaking with colleagues or stakeholders, and how my message was coming across. I'll never forget recognizing how brilliant that concept was, or how grateful I was for learning it (although it may annoy some of my direct reports today)."

Hilda Dalfonso

An MBA program that emphasizes relationships

"Another personal lesson my MBA experience taught me was the value of building relationships. I know we refer to it as 'networking' in business, but it was always presented as an opportunity to meet a colleague, get to know them, their background, their history and their 'why' for committing to a career in health care. I tend to be someone who avoids networking, but having Regis help me reframe that idea has helped me approach it with a different heart."

A path with many possibilities

"While I was learning to approach the business of health care with a different heart, I saw that my focus was just one of many that students could take—I was fortunate enough to study alongside students who pursued a range of specializations, from business analytics to human resource management and beyond. I also found that the information I learned in class applied directly to the real world, thanks to Regis' scholar practitioner model, which ensures that the faculty are actively participating in their fields of expertise. And, with the availability of evening and online classes, Regis' flexible program made it even easier for me to succeed."

The lasting benefit of a Regis education

"I graduated from Regis' Professional MBA program in 2017. Now, as a successful professional, I look back on my time there and am most grateful they instilled in me a desire to give back. Regis' focus there has shaped how I approach my work, and I think all of us would benefit from having a core value like that in the industry. The challenges in business—and health care—are greater today than have ever been before and we need to be guided by the right things. Regis has helped me see that, and I'm confident that they will for future students as well."

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