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Jason A. Greager

A Home Run for Jason

Jason grew up in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, not far from Regis University. Not only did he excel in science and math, but he also considered baseball one of his top priorities when looking at universities. Following a great high school senior season and a final summer league stint, Jason was offered a joint athletic and academic scholarship at Regis. Jason realized he could continue to play D1 baseball at one of the best baseball fields in Colorado, while staying in-state and receiving a great education. How could he say no?

When Jason wasn’t on the field, he was focused on his academics, specifically science and math. He was fortunate that his freshman advisor was the chairman of the computer science department, helping introduce him to the field early on in his college career. He also really enjoyed the subject matter beyond his science and math double major.

"I am grateful for the liberal arts classes that I took that I would probably not have taken in a standard Bachelor of Science program — classes like philosophy, world religions and Native American traditions."

Having the ability to explore different avenues and departments allowed for a well-rounded education and experience that Jason still cherishes to this day. One of his favorite experiences was the required senior seminar course.

“You have to take these seminar courses, which once again I probably never would've taken because they could potentially distract from a science degree. But I had a senior seminar course that focused specifically on being able to write a one-pager that's as effective and to the point as can be. And that's one of the skills that I've taken into my business and executive career.”

"Regis pushed me to be a critical thinker and to focus on community in the service of others."

Jason A. Greager

Giving Back to the Community

Community service is a crucial part of being a student at Regis. It’s important that students become vital members of their community, both at school and in their hometowns.

“The idea that they're committed to turning out folks that are critical thinkers, that come out with a focus on community and the service of others… being a baseball player, I actually had to commit to a certain number [of hours] and then achieve and perform those community service hours. That was pretty cool. I actually got to teach bilingual math at a local middle school, which was a real highlight of my community service time there.”

Jason A. Greager

Being Supported as a Professional and a Leader

After building extensive experience in his post-college career at companies such as Sun Microsystems, IBM and Gartner, Jason now works for a startup where he’s developing a team of salespeople that will help build the company’s business with the federal government and beyond.

Jason also works as an executive advisory board member for the Anderson School of Business and Computing at Regis. In that role, he gets to see some of the work that goes into ensuring that the University’s core values areinstituted in each of its different programs.

“From my perspective, the biggest thing for Regis is that you don’t just only come out of there with an education that supports you getting a job, being a leader and an overall contributor. It made a difference in my perspective in a way that I couldn't have predicted.”

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