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Why reaching a new goal meant earning a new degree

"In today's world, you need a postgraduate degree, and I felt there was a lot more I could learn to stretch myself. I had thought about getting my MBA, but not at my previous school. As luck would have it, one of my coworkers asked me if I wanted to come to an orientation program at Regis University about the M.S. in Health Services Administration program. It was like a light bulb went off: It was the right program for me."

Jayne Keller decided she wanted more from her career and went for it. With more than a decade of experience in long-term care and senior living, Jayne had seemingly hit her peak. She was an executive director of a nursing home that served almost 120 older adults, with 200 employees reporting up to her. But Jayne was noticing that, after being in an organization for a long time, the pay raises, responsibilities—opportunities—become just incremental. That’s when she decided she wanted more: a new goal, a new target. She was able to discover and achieve that with an M.S. in Health Services Administration from Regis.


Confidence as a key outcome

"There have been any number of advantages to going to Regis for my M.S. in Health Services Administration, but the most important one, to me, has been gaining confidence.

The program offers a range of great courses designed to improve management and administrative skills, leadership, organizational ethics, etc. But it was the program’s business focus—several classes on finance and accounting—that truly built my confidence. I used to say that understanding financials was my weakest area as a younger professional. Now, I think it's one of my strongest."


Small classes, big community

"Beyond the great courses, the small class size at Regis was ideal. My peers came from such diverse backgrounds, including hospice care, family health, renal care, senior living and more, which facilitated a great information exchange and knowledge sharing. And because I had more real-world experience than most people in the program, I felt I had the opportunity to educate my classmates about senior living, because there's so many stereotypes and misunderstandings. There was also so much value in being in constant contact with professors."

Doors opened by a Regis degree

"Today, I'm the Chief Operating Officer of Christian Living Communities and I oversee 13 communities in three states that cover different types of senior living needs: independent, assisted, memory support, and skilled nursing.

My Regis experience gave me confidence and brought value to what I do professionally. One other thing: the Regis M.S. in Health Services Administration program exposed me to a higher level of learning than a standard MBA would have. It’s a more well-rounded degree, it gave me insights into many, many different areas, whether it be the business side of things, theory and practice, research, or other aspects of health services management."

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