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Ryan Boh

A Program Geared to Success

"Every day is different."

That’s how Ryan Boh describes his work for Oracle, where his current title is Head of Activation & Identity Product Strategy. He’s in an industry — and a volatile technological and regulatory environment — that changes every day. As he rubs shoulders with top executive leaders and finds ways to solve a multitude of challenges, Ryan credits his Regis University Master of Science in Marketing with setting him up for success.

Ryan Boh

A Career-Oriented Program

Professors at Regis helped make the transition from school to the workforce as seamless as possible, creating an experience that, for Ryan, worked beyond the curriculum.

"At the time I was at a massive global advertising agency, working with a lot of data and technology. There were classes at Regis that were oriented for those types of activities. The classes themselves, the basic curriculum, was a little more general than what I needed, but I had professors who were eager and willing to make the classes more challenging, which I was grateful for. I ended up having a very positive experience because of them."

The Innovation Challenge

Regis’ annual Innovation Competition gave Ryan a little taste of the real world. He had the opportunity to ideate and develop a concept, pitch it and receive real-world feedback on his work. It’s an experience he carries with him to this day. "I was working with a few other gentlemen who were interested in bringing a gaming company to market. We were building up a Kickstarter and we used the innovation competition to test out our pitch, see how it would land and figure out where we would need to level up the product. We got to see how a room of customers we had never engaged with would respond to that. We got a lot of great feedback, and it was a great experience all around."

Ryan Boh

The Power of a Catholic Liberal Arts Education

Receiving an education from a Catholic liberal arts institution offered Ryan a holistic college experience, with access to a wide range of courses and perspectives. Regis also encouraged him to remain open-minded, no matter the situation.

"I'm very bullish on Catholic liberal arts schools because of the focus on the whole: the whole person, the whole environment. Being a multidisciplinary thinker has been a tremendous advantage in the workforce and otherwise. That was a major part of my decision to go to Regis. I felt like a Jesuit Catholic liberal arts school would be a great place to spend my graduate studies and I have no regrets."

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